Work-life balance is more than just a catchy phrase; it is a key factor in increasing employee satisfaction and retention, reducing sickness and absenteeism, improving customer service levels, and ultimately, increasing the profitability of your contact center. Such a healthy balance of your agents´ personal and professional lives can be achieved with the help of Mitel WFM . The Premium offering and the MyTime portal allows agents to even further affect their work situation, allowing them to check their schedule, make requests and much more – where ever they are with mobile access.


In Mitel WFM MyTime, the agents can view their current day’s schedule – as well as that of other team members –  and enter preferences on how they would like to work for any predefined period. Agents can also view their performance report with adherence, number of calls answered, average call duration and collected agent badges.

With Mitel WFM Premium , agents are able to make shift trades, request vacations and enter overtime availability, making the MyTime portal an even more powerful tool. Notification and schedule changes are automatically updated in MyTime – in real time.

Vacation Planner

Vacation Planner handles agent vacation and other ad-hoc absence requests, followed by instant notification of request acceptance or denial. Agents can easily view their remaining annual leave allowance through the MyTime portal, and on a daily or even hourly basis, put in a request for vacation time. In line with pre-set allowances or service level targets, requests are instantly and automatically accepted, denied or put on a wait list. The schedule is updated in real time, with agents seeing the response in MyTime.


  • Reduce administration time, thanks to automated request handling
  • Improve agent satisfaction and empowerment, thanks to instant request notifications
  • Increase efficiency. When vacation is associated with service level targets, vacation is granted only when service levels are anticipated to exceed those targets.

Shift Trader

Shift Trader allows agents to view colleague schedules for trade shifting one or more days. The request is sent to the colleague for approval or denial, with instant notification and schedule updates in real time, viewable in the agent’s MyTime portal. Rules are established by the planning team to ensure that agents can swap as many or as few shifts as desired, without affecting service levels.


  • Reduce administration time, thanks to automated request handling
  • Improve agent satisfaction and empowerment, thanks to instant shift-trading notifications
  • No adverse impact on service levels or agent working hours, as stipulated by configurable business rules on skills and available shift trades.


Gamification is increasingly being adopted and successfully applied in business contexts as organizations realize the tremendous value it can bring to their business; i.e. the fun and competitive nature and its built-in positive reinforcement pushes agents to perform to the best of their ability.

With Mitel WFM you will automatically keep track of pre-set targets; adherence, number of answered calls and average handling time during the day. Next morning the agents will receive a notification of their goal achievement and be awarded with agent badges in gold, silver or bronze.