Mitel WFM offers you one of the most powerful and capable forecasting solutions on the market

Whether you want to know what is needed over the next few hours, days, weeks or even next year, the Mitel WFM forecasting tool has the answer. Providing industry leading multi-skill, multi-channel forecasting for both short- and long-term planning, as well as for trends and seasonality analyses.It works in cooperation with your contact center solutions to collect multimedia statistics to help with your planning.

To make forecasting easy, we include a wizard to take you from historical data validation all the way to a finished forecast, in one simple workflow.

The highly-capable solution includes powerful forecasting algorithms adapted specifically for inbound, email, back-office work, chat and more. It also provides advanced functionality for managing complex multi-site environments, so you can forecast centrally and then distribute the workloads to different sites or even different clients for outsourcers.


  • More accurately forecast staffing needs using validated historical data and sophisticated forecast algorithms.
  • Flexible forecasting both short and long-term as well as multi-skill forecasting of contact volumes and staffing requirements.
  • Suitable for all sizes of customer service operations, single site or multi-site.
  • Create long-term staffing budgets based on actual forecasted need as well as available agent resources.


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