Intraday management is all about staying in control of the day, and being ready to handle the unexpected. Mitel WFM includes all the tools needed to proactively monitor and respond in real time, all from the same user friendly interface.

Intraday has two major functionalities: Real Time Adherence and Early Warning. Together they offer the best way to stay ahead of what is happening, in real time.

Real Time Adherence

Real Time Adherence provides vital information when it is needed most, through real-time agent performance management. Configure status groups, thresholds and alarms, and gauge how agents are adhering to their schedules based on CTI status, in real time. Since Real Time Adherence is fully integrated into the intraday module, you can effortlessly adjust schedules with simple drag-and-drop actions – based on real time agent status – all from the same interface.

Early Warning

Follow up on actual contact volumes, handling times, logged-in agents, speed of answer and service levels, and compare with forecasted and scheduled values. The graphical interface makes it easy to spot intraday developing trends that may require re-forecasting or a last minute optimization.

Fast Intraday Workflows

  • One-click re-forceasting
  • Automatically re-optimize activities
  • Notifications in several ways: text, email or on-screen message